By using this candy,

you quickly will find,
you can share the Sweetest News

with all of mankind.


Each color of candy

will help share the story,
while the letters will change

to give God the glory.

sweetest news circle

Sweetest News

First, find the blue
the color of the sky,
reminding me of God’s perfect home,

where he lives and reigns on high.

The brown is for the earth
where Jesus came to live,
he left heaven to prove his love,

His life He came to give.

The red reminds me of the blood
that on the cross was shed,

Jesus paid the price of sin through his death,
when it should have been me instead.

The orange is for the setting sun,
as it slowly turned to night,
they put Jesus body inside a tomb,
and with a stone they sealed it tight.

Next, find the number 3,
you can choose any color you want.
Three long days Jesus lay in the grave,
We’ll never see him again, his friends thought.

Can you find the M? It stands for miracle,
something only God can do,
his power raised Jesus from the dead,

to prove he loves me and you.

The E is for eternal life,
a free gift offered to you,
Jesus paid the price with his life,

and there’s nothing more you need to do.

In the color of green,
new life can be to found.
Ask God your sins to forgive.

You’ll be amazed as He turns your life around!

The W is for Wonderful, 

my Jesus is to me.
He loved, He died, He rose again,
now He’s preparing my home for eternity.

And yellow reminds me to shine,

like a bright golden star,
I must Go Out and Tell the world,

and share with those both near and far.

Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures.            

I Corinthians 15:3b & 4

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