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So you want to do a mission project? That's great. Now what do you do?

Why not use these 9 easy steps to get you started.

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9 Easy Steps

9 Easy to Follow Steps for Mission Projects


1. With your parent’s help, choose a mission project that you want to learn more about.


2. Research the people/problem that needs help. (The OMK website is a great place to start.)


3. Pray that God will show you how to help the people in need.


4. Before asking anyone else for their help, ask God what (or even how much) He wants you to give.


5. Instead of begging your parents for a bigger allowance, think of ways to earn the money for your mission project.


6. Start a project in your neighborhood or a fundraiser to help raise money for your mission project.



7. Now you can ask your parents and friends for their help in giving to your project.



8. After the project is over, have your parents download the donation instructions and send the money to One Mission Society, or they can donate online.



9. Write us a note about how God used you to make a big difference in the world. We might even share your story on the OMK website.

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