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One Mission Kids offers speakers for camps, churches, classrooms, and conferences to help grow missionary hearts. We offer everything from a single thirty-minute program to a 5 day VBS event. OMK has the perfect mission program and speakers to fit both your event and time schedule. Our missionary speakers are energetic, fun-loving, and big kids at heart!

Meet Mr. Jason & Aunt Lora

OMK Missionary Speakers



Together, Jason and Lora Campbell, big kids at heart, lead the One Mission Kids (OMK) ministry of One Mission Society, creating original music, websites, audiovisual presentations, and VBS-type mission programs for kids. In the summer months, “Mr. Jason and Aunt Lora” travel to churches and camps to help test OMK materials as missionary speakers and children’s evangelists. They continually develop imaginative ways to introduce the concepts of missions to kids to help grow missionary hearts.



Even before marrying in 2015, Jason and Lora’s lives revolved around missions and ministry. Jason grew up as an MK (missionary kid) in Florida under Missionary Flights International. While Lora grew up as a PK (preacher’s kid) living in many locations across the United States.



Jason brings evangelism training from summer internships with Child Evangelism Fellowship, his overseas missionary experience with OMS, and his creative talents to the Communications Department at OMS’ World Headquarters where he divides his time between One Mission Kids and OMS’ radio ministry. Along with his broadcast communications degree from Pensacola Christian College, he also holds TESL certification from Christian Outreach International, and a diploma for recording engineering and music production from the Audio Institute of America.



Lora studied at Spurgeon Baptist Bible College graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and a double concentration in Missions/Elementary Education. She taught in a variety of academic disciplines, including early childhood, special education, music, and both lower and upper elementary. While serving as a local missionary through Rosedale Baptist Church in Hammonton, New Jersey, Lora developed and led evangelistic/discipleship outreach ministries for youth and women. She oversaw the Backyard Bible Club, Vacation Bible School, and Cradle Club nursery ministries, along with organizing local mission trips.


Contact us to schedule your workshop: 317.888.3333 x313

Meet Jason and Lora Campbell
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