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3D Missions

OMK currently offers two workshops to help train and equip children's workers to help grow missionary hearts. Choose a workshop title below to learn more. 

Kids Can Do Missons

3D Missions


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3D Missions

Two-hour workshop



Those who have taken the Your Kids  Can Do Missions Too! Workshop are begging for more!


Come “Sense the Adventure” in this energetic, interactive workshop overflowing with ideas to help you teach your kids. Missions is exciting and best experienced in the 3rd dimension.



  • More ideas for your missions tool box

  • More resources including 3D glasses

  • More encouraging stories & interaction

  • More time to develop personal plans



The 3D Missions workshop is a service offered by OMK. You simply provide the people, the place, the PDF copies and the snacks.



Contact us to schedule your workshop: 317.888.3333 x313

3D Missions Worksheet Downloads


Contact us to schedule your workshop: 317.888.3333 x313

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Workshop Feedback


These are actual comments either written or voiced at the conclusion of our OMK workshops.



It’s not a sales presentation for resources, as I expected it to be; it’s a sales presentation for missions.

--a missions committee member



It changed my life as the workshop opened my eyes to the bigger picture found in missions.

-- an elementary school teacher



We wish ALL of our teachers were here. We have to do it again so everyone can benefit.

-- a children’s pastor



It was not what I expected. It was better!

-- a Sunday school teacher


Your workshop gave the push I needed to start and afterschool ministry in my local public school. As a result, God led 30+ kids including the school troublemaker who got saved. The kids' lives have been transformed that now the teachers and principal are actually encouraging all their students to come.

--a concerned grandmother



The workshop showed me where I can increase missions presence in our Sunday School services. Some of the things were so obvious, but we had overlooked them.

-- a pastor



I had a “duh” moment as God showed me where I was missing something.

-- a missionary


It wasn’t boring. It was actually fun.

--a children’s church worker



I loved the new action-oriented definition for missions. I can’t wait to use it and put it on my bulletin board.

-- a youth leader



It was great being surrounded by so many like-minded people from my own church.  I thought I was all alone.

-- a children’s pastor



Thank you for taking the time to put together this missions refresher course to reignite our passions so that we

can pass it on to our kids.

-- a missionary


I have more ideas how to reinforce missions with my grandkids now.

--a grandmother


I left knowing that I can do it. I can teach missions to my kids.

-- a children’s worker


Everything was so inspiring. You just want to go out there and do it right away.

-- a children’s church worker


The activities give you a chance to step back, think and reevaluate.

-- a parent


3 hours wasn’t long enough. We want more!

-- a church leader


You want more? Then check out our Kids Can Do Mission, Too! workshop!


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