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good news for africa

good news for africa

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Good News for Africa Project

Since the days of the earliest missionaries, followers of Jesus have understood the importance of making the Bible available in every language. More than 2,000 languages are spoken across Africa, and there are still over 500 Bantu languages that do not have God’s Word in their heart language.


In some parts of Africa, people are so desperate to have their own Bible that they copy pages by hand. Some pastors may even tear out pages or sections of their own Bible so that others in the church can read it. God’s Word is very valuable and precious to them. In fact, a Bible may be the most expensive thing an African villager owns.


You can help the African people by raising money for Bibles for Africa. An average church can be supplied with Bibles for $120. Each Bible costs $12. The price of each Bible includes import taxes, fuel, paper and translation costs.


Project #404550-OMK 

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