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Since the founding of OMS in 1901, hundreds of people have answered God’s call to go and make disciples of all nations. One Mission Society is celebrating these Champions of the Great Commission by publishing a children’s book series that tells the incredible testimonies of these men and women. Click on a book title to learn more.

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 A Good and

Useful Man

Steel Valleys


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God is My Boss

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A Good and Useful Man


Charles Cowman (cofounder of OMS)



 From the United States Midwest to far-away Japan, God led Charles on a great journey of obedience and surrender. As a telegraph operator in Chicago in the late 1800s, Charles led many of his coworkers to Jesus within six months of giving his own heart to Jesus. Eventually, God led Charles and his wife Lettie (author of the best-selling devotional, Streams in the Desert) to Japan, where they founded The Oriental Missionary Society, now One Mission Society. They also started a Bible school, where Japanese pastors were trained, and they followed God's leading to reach every household in Japan for Jesus. 

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Steel Valleys

Henry Steel and Valetta Steel Crumley



When Henry and Valetta met, married and began their family, they thought they would spend their lives together, faithfully serving God as He directed. They had no idea of the tragedies that would occur, causing them to live by faith and courage and to trust completely in God’s grace. Their stories have brought encouragement and blessings to thousands of people around the world.

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The Hess Family


“It’s neat up here,” Arlene called out to her friends from atop the ridge that surrounded their hidden jungle home. “I can see way past the valley.” They ran along the ridge, shouting and laughing. Then they ran down the steps, past the big house to the creek they called the river. Whole troops of monkeys came chattering through the trees. The children ran to watch them go by. Outside their hidden jungle haven, things were different. The world was at war. As her family sang songs and read the Bible every evening, Arlene knew that God was taking care of her. One day Arlene heard some bad news. “The enemy has taken over Zamboanga City. Our soldiers have surrendered. They can’t help us now!”

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God is My Boss

Stanley Tam


Stanley Tam, born in 1915, is a successful businessman with a strong faith in God and enormous generosity. He has given millions of dollars to One Mission Society to help hundreds of thousands of people hear the Good News of Jesus.  God is My Boss tells the story of how God used an ordinary man to do extraordinary things when he literally gave his business to the Lord.

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