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Prayer Memory Verse

Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.


Jeremiah 29:12 ESV

Memory Verse


Pray God will encourage them when they feel lonely or far from home.




Pray for Mr. Marcos Ocampo as he serves as their new president.

Faith Fellowship



Pray children with hard lives will follow Jesus and learn to love others.

Wisdom in
Tough Choices



 Pray new Christians will grow in their faith and study the Bible.

Feeding Needy Children



Pray they will have strong testimonies and will grow in their faith.




Pray God provides the money needed to train new pastors to preach.

Rock of Horeb Camp



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Prayer Cube


What would you do if you were lost? 

Finding out that you’re lost can make you feel afraid. Especially, if there is no one around to help. In the Philippines, some believe that turning their clothes inside out will help them find their way. While it may help take your mind off your fears, this is most likely not going to do much to else to help.

Being lost physically is indeed scary, but being lost spiritually is an even more serious situation. Many people do not know yet that Jesus is the only way to be saved. With God’s help One Mission Society is working to help more than ONE BILLION people hear, understand, and believe the truth of the Gospel.

Each day this month
pray that people everywhere
who have never heard about Jesus
will believe the truth of the Gospel!

ONE Billion