Hey Kids!

Click on the day of the week to join us in praying everyday for God's work in Haiti and for our ONE Billion vision.

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Memory Verse

Prayer Memory Verse

Oh give thanks to the Lord; 

call upon his name;
    make known his deeds among the peoples!


Psalm 105:1 ESV


Pray for Kristina and the other missionary kids who live in Haiti to be healthy, safe, and to have strength as they serve God.




Pray for God's Word to be preached clearly and for God to speak through the pastors at all times.

God's Word Preached



Pray for God's Word to be preached on Radio 4VEH and for God to work in the heart's of listeners.

Radio Broadcasts


Pray that the Starfish Kids who have difficult lives will be able to keep up with their school work.




Pray that more disciples will be made-- that people will hear God's Word and live it too.




Pray that common diseases, like cholera and typhoid, will be prevented through the use of good health habits.

Good Health Habits


Roll your Haiti prayer cube to discover what to pray for today!

Prayer Cube


Each day this month,
pray that people of all languages will understand the Gospel!

ONE Billion


How many languages can you speak?

More than 10.6 million people live in Haiti and speak a language called Creole. Haitian Creole is a unique blend of French and several West African languages. It is pretty amazing to think that Creole is just one of the 7,000+ languages in the world!

When you pray, you will be part of helping us reach more than ONE Billion people for Jesus.

And although you might not be able to speak them all, you can pray that God will help people to hear, understand, and believe the Gospel in whatever language they speak.