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Bring missions to your home with a Family Movie Night! 

• Watch The Pilgrim's Progress movie as a family

• Download your FREE BONUS Activity Pack

• Read more about the movie below

Family Movie


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About Pilgrim's Progress (from Revelation Media)

The Pilgrim's Progress, written over 340 years ago, has a history with deep roots that begin in Europe and span the globe.

Centuries of artists, writers, and parents have been inspired by John Bunyan's masterpiece. Now is the time to inspire a new generation with his message of hope and encouragement on the big screen.


This is the movie our kids need, to inspire their faith and give them the courage to stay on the straight path in a culture that often stands against them.

The Pilgrim’s Progress reveals the journey of all mankind who desire to reach God. It's the journey of every believer.


It's your journey and it is as true today as it was the day Bunyan penned it in a dark, damp
prison cell.

Your BONUS Activity Kit includes:

  • character sketches

  • coloring sheet

  • word searches (easy and hard)

  • enrichment activity script

  • scavenger hunt

  • Pilgrim's Progress Gospel tract

  • unscramble places word puzzle​

  • answer keys and more

All The Pilgrims Progress images and video clips are property of Revelation Media. 

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