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Mission Projects

Water for Life Project


Many villages in Mozambique do not have access to clean drinking water. Clean water is necessary for good health. Many illnesses, from parasites to intestinal problems, are caused by not having clean water. The dirty water even causes deadly diseases like cholera and dysentery. When OMS churches are planted in the villages, wells are drilled nearby. People in the community can come to the wells on the church property. As these people get clean water to drink, they can also receive “living water,” the Good News of Jesus Christ. The wells also help build goodwill with the community leaders and government institutions. In some cases where wells are not practical, a filtration system like sand or biological filters is installed. These wells and filtration systems keep people healthy by providing them with clean water. A closed-pump system (not an open well with a bucket) is about 30 meters deep and costs $4,000. In some areas, people have to dig through rock or go a little deeper, and the cost can go up to $8,000 or $10,000. How can you help the people in Mozambique? You can do projects in your neighborhood to help raise money for wells! Ask your parents and friends for help and see what God can do through you.

Project #407670-OMK

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