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Meet Aunt Sylvia

Hola Paco

Hola Marta

Hola Paula


Meet Aunt Sylvia

Children in Spain study English in school every year, but many of them want to learn more.


OMS missionary Aunt Sylvia and her friends teach English classes in schools, at camp, and in their homes. Aunt Sylvia's house is full of games and toys that help make learning English fun.

One year, a group of children at an English camp learned how English speakers celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter.


To teach the Easter story, Aunt Sylvia used resurrection eggs.


The kids enjoyed seeing the small symbols come out of each egg. She told them that if Jesus is alive, then our lives should be different.


Aunt Sylvia is so happy that six of these children went to the Spanish Christian camp in July and learned more about Jesus.


Remember to pray for these children and for the other OMS missionaries who serve the Lord in Spain.


Hola Paco

My name is Paco. I live in Madrid, Spain. I am 8 years old.

From September to June, I go to school at 9:00 a.m.  I return home to have a big lunch with my parents and brother at 1:00 p.m. 


After lunch and a short time to rest called a siesta, I return to school until 4:30 p.m. Since my school doesn't have air conditioning, we don't have school in the afternoons in June. It is too hot!


I like to play fútbol (soccer) with my friends after school.


August is my favorite month, because my family goes to the beach, just like many other Spanish families.


Hola Marta


Hola! (Hello) My name is Marta. I am 12 years old, and I live in Madrid, Spain.


I love all sports but my favorites are basketball and gymnastics.    


I have a sister who is 14 and a brother who is seven.


In our house, we have several pets: a 4-year-old dog named Nerón and a small turtle that my brother calls Tortu, but I call it Peña. We also have two hamsters that had babies!


My father is pastor of the church my family attends. I was six years old when I began to learn stories from the Bible in Sunday school.


When I was 10 years old, I went to a camp in Guadalajara called Rock of Horeb, and there, I accepted Jesus into my heart!


Hola Paula


I am Spanish, but I was born in Colombia, South America, where my parents were attending seminary.


My dad is a pastor, and my mom takes care of my sister Marta, my brother Marcos, and me.


We live in a high-rise apartment, which is typical in Spain.


I have blond hair and blue eyes. I like to swim, and I like to skate.


My favorite food is macaroni, and my favorite dessert is melon.


After school, I play in the park and eat ice cream.


Sometimes my friends and I play school, and I am the teacher.


Other times, we imagine we are shopping at a big department store. I like to pretend that I’m the cashier.


My sister and I attend the OMS children’s camp each summer. Last year, six kids accepted Jesus into their hearts during camp.


My favorite thing about going to church is the worship. I love to sing praises to the Lord!

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