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Explore Spain

Mysterious pyramids, a Roman aqueduct, and a fish-shaped building are just a few of the surprises awaiting you in Spain.​​​ Rollover the pictures in the slideshow below to learn more.

Don't Miss These Sites


There's so much to see in Spain. Here are just a few other places you might want to put on your list of places to visit.

Spain's Flag

The flag of Spain has two red and one yellow horizontal stripes. The yellow stands for generosity, while red symbolizes bravery. The center yellow stripe is twice as large as the red stripes. Because of its colors, the flag of Spain is nicknamed la Rojigualda or red-yellow.


Off center and to the left are the two pillars of Hercules which are what the Strait of Gibraltar was once called long ago. The pillars represent Ceuta and Gibraltar, the two banks of the Strait. A banner wraps around the pillars are Spain’s national motto, in Latin Plus Ultra (More Beyond) to honor Christopher Columbus for discovering the New World. On top of each pillar is a crown.


Between the two pillars is Spain’s coat of arms, a shield with six images that represent the six old kingdoms of Spain. The images are: a pink lion wearing a crown (Leon), a castle (Castile), gold shield with four red bars (Aragon), golden chains (Navarre), a pomegranate flower (Granada,) and a fleur-de-luis (House of Bourbon), Above the coat of arms is a large red and gold crown to honor the King and his family’s rule.


Before the current flag was adopted in 1981, an eagle with outstretched wings was displayed underneath the coat of arms.



Spain's National Anthem


Although many communities across Spain have their own songs, the Spanish national anthem La Marcha Real (the Royal March) cannot be sung because it does not have any official words.


La Marcha Real once had words, but they have not been used since 1978 when the government changed.


In 2008, the Spanish Olympic Committee held a contest and words were added. But five days later, the words were removed after people complained about them.