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It’s a matter of faith, Mira. They trust that Jesus will show them the right path, even if that means living in another country. And they know they aren’t alone. God is with them every step of the way!

Attitude Check

Do you think about yourself or others first? Do you have a self-centered attitude or Christ-centered gratitude? Find out by checking your attitude along with Mira and Otto.​

Otto, I don’t see how missionaries can just leave their homes and families and go off to live in another country. I

sure wouldn’t do it!

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Mira Meefirst

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Sometimes when you are learning a language, words sound so similar that it is easy to make a mistake when pronouncing them. Read what happened to one missionary trying to get ice at a gas station.


Gordon was traveling in Spain, but he didn’t speak much Spanish.


The day was very hot, so he decided to stop at a gas station to buy ice.


Gordon asked the attendant to fill his cooler with helado, thinking he had asked him to fill the cooler with ice.


However, the Spanish word for ice is hielo.


Gordon returned from the restroom to find his cooler filled to the top with ice cream! OOPS!

Oops! Again


Sometimes when you are learning a language, words sound so similar that it is easy to make a mistake when pronouncing them. Read what happened to one missionary trying to thank a Spaniard for being courteous.


One day it was raining, and missionary Aunt Dawn had forgotten her umbrella.


She didn’t know what to do but then one of the men in the church offered his umbrella to her. 


At first, she didn’t want to accept it because she knew that he didn’t have another and he would get wet. But he insisted.


She meant to say, eres un verdadero caballero—“you are a true gentleman” to thank him.


But what came out of her mouth instead was, eres una verdura caballo which means, “you are a horse vegetable.” OOPS!

hands feet

His Hands and Feet


Medea is a 12-year-old girl from Argentina. 


She lives with her mother, father, two sisters, and two brothers. They are missionaries in Spain.


When Medea was born, her family lived in Argentina.


Her father worked for a telephone and internet company called Telefonica.

One day, his boss told her father he would have to go to Spain to work on a special project.

The family lived in Spain for three years until Mr. Demai’s company sent him to work in Brazil.


Mr. and Mrs. Demai felt God was calling them to be missionaries and work with families in Spain.

They returned to Spain as missionaries when Medea was 10 years old.


Now Medea helps her mother in her ministry at a home for the elderly.


Medea plays the piano and dances to help cheer up the older people while her mother tells them about God.




Where can you find fun-filled days with games and songs and campfires at night? At camp, of course!


Camp Peña de Horeb, or  Rock of Horeb, is a beautiful camp located about 1½ hours outside of Madrid. Horeb is a place where both children and adults can go to relax, have fun, and learn more about Jesus.

Each year, many people hear about Jesus for the first time in their lives, and they make decisions to be a follower of Jesus.

Pray for:

  • The staff to show God’s love to each camper.

  • The campers to see and know the love of God.

  • The camp buildings to be repaired and expanded so that larger groups can visit and use campgrounds.

Camp Scholarships

Every July, the Rock of Horeb Camp in Spain hosts an eight-day children’s camp. The children have fun learning about Jesus as they play games, sing songs, and attend various activities. For many children, this is the first time they have heard about Jesus and how much he loves them.


Like our friend Marta, many children give their hearts and lives to Jesus at Rock of Horeb Camp.


Unfortunately, some children can’t attend the camp because they don’t have enough money. It costs $250 for a child to attend camp.

Many of the children who want to attend are doing projects to raise money for the camp, but it may not be enough. How can you help these children in Spain?

You can do projects in your neighborhood to help raise money for camp scholarships! Ask your parents and friends for help, and see what God can do through you.

Project #466590-OMK

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