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Cutting Our Teeth on Animation

For more than a decade, One Mission Kids (OMK) has been on the cutting edge of creating original mission resources for One Mission Society. From kid-friendly prayer tools to an interactive website which provides printable pages and international destinations for kids to explore, OMK is in the ministry of helping grow kids’ missionary hearts.

Like the boys and girls at camps and churches across the USA, where Jason and Lora Campbell share the OMK ministry, OMS missionary kids have also come to know them as more than just teachers, but also as friends. Recently, the Gouge family visited OMS Greenwood. While the parents took care of their missionary business, the three Gouge boys visited with Mr. Jason and Aunt Lora. They enjoyed exploring the OMK website, especially destination Ecuador where their family will serve as missionaries. Eight-year-old Matthias told his mother Kristin about the website, “I like that it talks about Jesus and love and going around the world to preach the Good News.” But, one thing the boys really wanted to watch were videos. Sadly, there are no videos currently on the OMK website, which could help teach kids more about missions.

As OMK’s Creative Producer, Jason Campbell has desired to update the stick figure cartoon characters for years. Along with praying over this desire, Jason and Lora asked the Lord to provide a way for them to use the new character design to create short animated mission-focused videos. Several months ago, the dream began to take shape as God opened the door for them to work with illustrator Brian Rees.

To further bring this dream into reality, we need your help. In addition to hiring Brian to redraw the 65 cartoon characters, animation software and backgrounds are also needed to complete the project. The total projected cost is $2,470. This means that for every $38 donated a missionary cartoon character receives a new and exciting way to teach kids about missions.

With your donation, not only are you helping One Mission kids come one step closer to growing missionary hearts through animation but you are also investing in the future of missions as you help Otto, Max the Dog, and their world of international friends jump off the page bringing missions to life for the next generation.

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