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Kids with Big Hearts

Leading a One Mission Kids missions adventure at Scipio Baptist church showed me the enormous potential in young hearts to care for others.

Jason and I, or should I say, Agents Sweating Tiger and Scarlett Macaw, had the privilege of leading their kids in learning about OMS's sports ministry in Tokyo, Japan. Their enthusiasm blew us away!

Throughout the week, the kids learned how God has a plan for them to be part of sharing His love and light with others. They also learned about Japanese culture through hands-on activities as part the One Mission Kids MAX BOOM program. During which, they explored similarities and differences between American and Japanese cultures. It was powerful to see their missionary hearts grow.

When we introduced the kids to photos of Japanese children lacking proper equipment and hydration for their games, they immediately wanted to help. They eagerly did chores to earn money to donate to the project and gave from their own savings too. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and other church members joined in.

In just one week, the kids helped raise over $1,250 for the Tokyo sports ministry! We could see the joy in their faces when we revealed the total. The money will provide equipment and sport drinks for Japanese sports ministry’s weekly meetings as well as make it possible for the ministry to host four special events for the neighborhood children.

Lindsay Ohler, the OMS missionary leading the Tokyo sports ministry, heard about the kids’ fundraising and sent a surprise thank you video to the children in New York which thrilled the kids! Thanks to the kids' compassion, this important ministry in Japan can continue to be a space where Japanese children will experience a supportive community and learn about God’s love.

Leading this One Mission Kids adventure showed me firsthand how young hearts can be incredibly caring and make a real difference. Though halfway across the world, these kids embodied the mission of OMS - sharing hope through care, connection and Christ. Their contagious enthusiasm inspired the entire church community.

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