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Beyond Babysitting

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

People are often surprised at all the items we travel with for a One Mission Kids (OMK) event. Our mini-SUV is filled to the roof with storage tubs, background sets, hand props, tables, a media projector and screen, audio speakers, and anything else we can pack in. That’s because OMK programs are packed with high-energy music, missionary stories, Scripture memory, games, and a Gospel invitation. We strive to make every event an interactive mission learning experience using every minute to help grow missionary hearts in today’s generation known as iGen (kids born after 1996.)

When you book One Mission Kids for your event (VBS, camp, school, mission conference, or workshop) you must understand one thing, we are OMS missionaries, we are teachers, and we are trained evangelists, but we are not babysitters.

After attending an OMK closing program, one evangelist at Peniel Holiness Camp shared, “What you are doing in this room is undoubtedly the most important work of the conference. You aren’t babysitting, you are equipping these kids for future ministry.” Rev. Gary Bond (Revivalism Coordinator, Church of the Nazarene)

While it is true that Jason and Lora Campbell spend most, if not all of their time with the kids, they understand the privilege that God’s given them to interact with kids, a responsibility they take seriously, even though they are big kids at heart.

It is exciting that after a decade of doing children’s ministry with OMS, Mr. Jason discovers that many of the kids he taught are now teenagers and young adults enthusiastically helping in the children’s program. “My 19-year-old still remembers Jason when he came to our church when she was very young! As my kids have become teens and leaders themselves in children's ministries, they've asked him to send him some of the songs he's done after they spent a week with him at summer camp and loved his songs.” Donna Asche, Neshannock Alliance Church.

Currently, OMK offers a variety of mission-focused evangelistic programs, many of which can be tailored for VBS or used as a stand-alone mission event for kids. OMK also offers workshops to help equip parents and teachers to grow their kids’ missionary hearts too.

Mr. Jason

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