One Mission Kids is a ministry of One Mission Society also known as OMS. But who is OMS? Let's learn a bit more about the organization that is home to One Mission Kids.

Who is OMS?

Did you know that One Mission Kids is only a small part of a larger mission called One Mission Society? 


One Mission Society, or OMS, has been sending missionaries all around the world for more than 116 years. Let me tell you a bit about One Mission Society and some of the amazing things that God is doing through this ministry.

Long before there were cell phones and email, people received messages on a piece of paper delivered to their home. These messages were called telegraphs.

In 1901, in Japan, Charles and Lettie Cowman and the Nakadas began the missionary work known today as One Mission Society. Ernest and Julia Kilbourne joined them in 1902.

Today, One Mission Society is telling people about Jesus in more than 75 countries all over the world. Some of the countries where we work are very dangerous, and we can’t name them. We can’t talk about the churches or the work that is going on there because this could get our missionaries in trouble. In some countries, it is illegal to be a Christian. Many people in these countries love Jesus, too, but must read their Bibles in secret.

Many people think that missionaries do only three jobs: pastor, teacher, or medical professionals. But, to be the hands and feet of Jesus to reach people, there are other jobs or ministries that can be done to help people.


What other types of jobs do OMS missionaries do? They serve as bookkeepers, secretaries, mechanics, videographers, nurses, writers, and many other jobs.

OMS is working hard to train people around the world to better know their Bibles so they can teach people what God wants them to know. These men and women learn at schools called seminaries. OMS has many seminaries around the world, including this one in India.

In countries filled with violence, people often get into trouble. But God is working there inside the prisons. In Colombia, many prisoners have asked Jesus for forgiveness for the bad things they have done. They’ve been baptized, and they study the Bible and tell others about Jesus inside prison.

How will people who cannot read and write learn God’s Word? One way is through Christian radio. OMS operates stations in Haiti and Ecuador where radio broadcasters share the Good News of Jesus, along with messages of health, education, counseling and even farming techniques. People are encouraged to follow Jesus and to live for Him, even in the midst of difficult-living situations and poverty.

In many countries around the world, people want to learn English. And who better to learn from than a native speaker? God is using the teaching of English classes to open the hearts and minds of people that may have already rejected God in their own language. Missionaries build friendships and hope that one day they will be able to share the reason they have left their homes and are living in a far-away land.

Along with English classes camps are also held. Some are held in English, others in the language of the host country. Through camping, God can get the attention of people who might be too busy to hear his voice. Camps to strengthen marriages, youth retreats, and missionary getaways are being used by God to help people to work and live together better.

Sports, like soccer, are very popular, especially in Latin America. God is using sports clubs, like this one in Colombia, to help keep young people in school and to stay away from drugs, alcohol and gang life. Coaches show their players they care about them by making weekly visits and sharing God’s Word with them. Sports can also teach them the importance of teamwork and keeping their bodies healthy.

Hundreds of young people around the world don’t sleep in beds. They sleep outside, under bridges or in cardboard boxes. These young people need Jesus. At drop-in centers, they can drop in to get a shower and learn that Jesus loves and cares for them. In other cities, younger children receive a nutritious meal at Saturday breakfast clubs.

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By showing love, compassion and mercy, people around the world will know that Jesus loves them too. These are just a few of the different kinds of ministries that One Mission Society is using to be the hands and feet of Jesus to reach a lost world for Him.

Who is OMS?

By Jason Campbell


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